Academics are very important at Gamma Iota. Every night of the week, you can find our members studying in the library, formal living room, or dining room. We are proud to continuously maintain a GPA above both the all women's average and the sorority average!

As sorority women, we find that there is a huge academic benefit to participating in Greek Life.  Our chapter has members in majors from biomedical engineering to apparel design, so there is always another sister available to help answer a question. Also, our members help each other find the best classes to take and recommend the professors they enjoyed the most, which comes in handy when registering for classes each semester!
Our chapter supports academic development through several programs. These programs serve to motivate members and recognize sisters for their academic achievement.


Gamma Iota Academic Programs

Apple Polishing Dinner
Every semester, our chapter recognizes the academic achievement of our members by hosting a formal Apple Polishing Dinner. Sisters invite their favorite professors to attend this special occasion. This gives us a chance to both honor our sisters hard at work and our professors who helped get us there!

Study Hours
We are always working to encourage our sisters in their studies, so our members are given the opportunity to be rewarded for studying. Through our Greek Study app, members can record their study times in various location on campus and can earn benefits in our house for studying hard. 

Many of our sisters take the same classes or have taken classes in the past, so we help set our members up with others who can tutor them in classes. If anyone needs study advice or just a little extra help, our Academic Chairman reaches out and finds a tutor match for them.

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