Tri Delta members enjoy many exciting social events every semester! We love to take a break from our busy schedules to spend time with sisters and meet new people! We believe that the college experience should be well rounded; academics, community involvement, and philanthropy are all pillars of our sorority, but so is having fun with your sisters and building friends to last a lifetime! Our social events are some of our best memories. From getting ready together, to dancing at formals, and dressing up in black and gold for Game Day, we have a great time wherever we go!

Every semester, we rent our a nice venue off campus to host a formal! We enjoy getting dressed up and bringing a date for an unforgettable evening! Formals are some of the most memorable occasions at Tridelta and are something members look forward to all year long! In the fall, we host a themed formal such as Barn Dance. In the spring, we wear our nicest dresses for a formal occasion!

A "sponto" is a spontaneous dance! Spontos always have fun themes and are planned in secret until just a couple days before the event. When we find out there is a sponto, its an exciting scramble to get a date and coordinate a fun outfit for the theme. It is so much fun to see all the creative and funny costumes and enjoy a fun evening with sisters!

Football Saturdays at Purdue are some of the most fun and exciting days of the year, and members of our chapter love to go out and enjoy all the events going on! We love to cut bright t-shirts in creative ways, make dresses, or go all out with black and gold! Every football season we pair up with a different fraternity to celebrate Football Saturdays. "Football buddies" turn into great friends, and are great people to have by your side when you cheer on the Boilermakers at Ross-Ade!

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